The Payroll Link MEP 401(k) Plan

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As a part of the Payroll Link family, we’re proud to offer you exclusive access to The Payroll Link MEP 401(k) Plan. This Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) allows you to offer a full benefit 401(k) plan at no ongoing cost to the employer. We handle all of the administrative tasks of running a 401(k) plan along with carrying the burden of the risks so that you can offer the best for your team.

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The best for your Employees, and Your Business! 

Benefits to Employer:

  • No ongoing cost to you
  • Connect to your other HCM tools for efficiency
  • Eliminate administrative headaches 
  • Increase efficiency and reduce mistakes 
  • Enjoy fast and easy onboarding 

Benefits to Employee:

  • Low cost to participants
  • Big business benefits 
  • Flexibility in plan design
  • Access to personalized financial advising